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The SkyCaddie SGX is the ultimate golf gadget when it comes to convenience, stability & reliability.

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The SkyCaddie SGX is the ultimate golf GPS when it comes to convenience and  reliability. It already has 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified golf course maps, so you can start playing with it soon as you take it out of the box. The SGX  has a new sleek design comes with a 3″ transflective LCD screen that provides brilliant color images that are easy to read even in the brightest sunlight. Packed with the latest features and technology, this stroke-saving device has a digital scorecard, statistics tracking, and overhead hole maps. With all that the SkyCaddie SGX offers, there is no doubt that you will improve your scores and begin to play better golf like the pros.

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SkyCaddie SGXProduct Specs

  • Height: 4.8 inch
  • Width: 2.48 inch
  • Depth: 0.75 inch
  • Weight: 5.6 oz (with battery)
  • Display: 3-inch, high-resolution, transflective TFT-LCD screen
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer (up to 14 hours continuous use)

SGX Feature Highlights

  • Up to 30,000 courses preloaded
  • 3-inch, high-resolution, transflective TFT-LCD
  • Zoom on the hole with Interactive HoleVue
  • Precision mapping IntelliGreen and IntelliGreen Pro
  • Displays distance to hazards, carries and layups
  • Digital Scorecard & Stat tracking synching to ClubSG

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Golf GPS Device

Do you want something extra small and light with a basic display, or are you looking for something as bright and colorful as an iPhone? Do you want to see yardages as the main display or would you rather be able to look at an illustrated map? Knowing which aspects are the most important to you will go a long way toward helping you identify the device that’s right for your personal needs. Here are some of the most important elements to consider when researching golf GPS reviews on the SkyCaddie SGX:


The SkyCaddie SGX measures 2.5 inches wide, 4.8 inches tall, and a slim .75 inches in depth. It weighs in at 5.6 ounces with battery. Its screen measures three inches across the diagonal, making it one of the largest screens available on the market. The screen is full color but not a touch screen. There are several buttons underneath the screen, which should enable easy one-handed use of the device. Among these buttons is a joystick, which enables easy maneuvering through menus, greens and more.

Course Details With Precision Mapping

If you’re looking for a device with a wealth of information, look no further than the SkyCaddie SGX. This device lists the obvious yardages but also comes with several view formats. Each format displays the batter charge remaining, the signal strength and the current time. The par for the course, hole handicap and hole number are also all included at the top of the screen with each view. There are four different views, each offering a different benefit. Let’s take a look at the views offered.

The Green View displays the shape of the green and rotates to match the player’s direction. This view displays front and back distances as well as the distance to various specified targets. It also uses IntelliGreen where available, which indicates the topography of the green. The Target View simplifies the course down to a list of numbers indicating yardages to various targets. Up to five distances can be shown at a time.

Custom mapping points are not available with this or any other view. The Safe Route View provides what SkyCaddie determines to be the safest route, while the Full Hole View shows an illustrated map of the course with information such as hazards, trees, the distance to the green and even cart paths.

Battery Life

The battery of the SkyCaddie SGX is a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that should last for up to fourteen hours of continuous use, giving you plenty of game time, probably enough for a whole weekend getaway. Still, we recommend bringing the charger with you.

Initial Setup

The SkyCaddie SGX is packed with extra options. Easily measure your shots, keep a digital scorecard and even keep track of your statistics. The device comes preloaded with 30,000 courses, but if you want more than basic green information you have to get a membership and download the fully-featured courses before playing, and membership starts at $19.95. This is where the majority of users experienced difficulties with the device.

Many users were dissatisfied with the syncing process required to download courses or new updates. Users reported multiple attempts and problems ranging everywhere from the device not being recognized to the device crashing during a download. The SkyCaddie SGX does not seem to be reliable in terms of syncing with the computer. If you’re happy using the basic information that comes with the device you’ll be fine, but with the price so high for this model, you may be better off picking something simpler and cheaper if you just want basic course information.

SkyCaddie SGX ReviewPros Of The Skycaddie SGX

  • Beautiful, full color screen
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Excellent additional features
  • Good battery life
  • Several different view formats

Cons Of The Skycaddie SGX

  • Price
  • Difficult to sync
  • Paid membership required to access better course formats

What Other Customers Have To Say

We have a few SkyCaddie SGX customer reviews that we would like to show you.

“I recently purchased the SkyCaddie SGX and like most people had a problem trying to register the product. As far as use and ease of use, this is the best GPS I have had and I have had a previous sky caddie and most recently a upro. What I like best is the clarity of the screen and how fast it reads the yardage. As with any product brand new on the market, there are normally a few bugs, but this product is worth the hassle. I would have given it 5 stars if it did not have the sync problems.” – T. Kelso

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“I recently purchased the SGX even though I read a lot of reviews where people were having difficulties with the unit. I use XP and my unit works great. The SGX does exactly what I want from a GPS unit, it gives me yardages to specific targets, be as accurate as a gps unit can be, and keep stats for me during the round. I received a great price for the unit and have used it for 3 rounds so far. The SGX definitely shaves off between 4-5 strokes a round for me and is a lot easier to navigate than my previous SG2.” – jokim

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The price point of the SkyCaddie SGX is certainly one of the higher ones on the market. The retail price is $449.95 on the SkyCaddie website, but Amazon sells it at a 25 – 35% discount. It also qualifies for free shipping, which only adds to the huge savings.

Is A Warranty Included?

The SkyCaddie SGX comes with a 30 day warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Users who register their device during the 30 day period can also take advantage of a 12-month warranty at an additional fee.

What’s In The Box?SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS

* SkyCaddie SGX
* Rechargeable Battery
* LCD Screen Protectors
* USB Cable
* AC Power Adapter
* Heavy-Duty Belt Clip
* Quick Start Manual

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The Bottom Line

The SkyCaddie SGX is one of the best golf GPS devices on the market. Increase your shot confidence as the SGX provides exact yardage distances and precise hole views. Although it has a steep price tag, serious golfers will see this as an investment in their game and are prepared to pay this amount because of the results they get. If you’re looking to play better golf, then look no further than the SkyCaddie SGX.

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